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Coach's Notes:
    [1] Bob Dylan. FTP. Performed acoustic. With Jeff on upright bass.
    [2] Performed acoustic. With Coach on rainstick.
    [3] Performed acoustic in acoustic arrangement.
    [4] Performed acoustic. Paul Simon. With Andrew Goedde on whistle.
    [5] Performed acoustic.
    [6] Tom Waits. Performed acoustic.

Show Notes: This show was played acoustic and in a sheep pasture and was part of the Bingo Tour. Roughly forty sheep and two llamas were hanging out. This Old Sea was played for the first time since January 16, 2015.


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  • 2024-06-28, Goose, Mann Center for the Performing Arts, Philadelphia, PA
  • 2019-06-28, Goose, The Lariat, Buena Vista, CO
  • 2018-06-28, Goose, The Vault Music Hall & Pub at Greasy Luck, New Bedford, MA
  • 2017-06-28, Goose, Gottrocks, Greenville, SC

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