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Coach's Notes:
    [1] Rupert Holmes. Dini surveyed the crowd, asking if they were seal, whale, or dolphin people.
    [2] John Phillips.

Coach's Corner:
Next Show: 2021-10-30 • Worchester, MA • The Palladium

Coach's Notes:
    [1] Unfinished.
    [2] Handini asked the crowd if they were a "dog person" or a "cat person." He then told everyone to respect one another, and not to get "handsy" in the crowd.
    [3] Eddie Grant.
    [4] Dini was walking around the stage to each member while jamming his pants off. This Drive was incredible.

Coach's Corner:
Next Show: 2021-10-29 • Portland, Maine • State Theater

Coach's Notes:
    [1] FTP.
    [2] The Clash.
    [3] Played with a new feel.
    [4] FTP. After the song, Handini told the crowd that they would be back for a third set.
    [5] The Brothers Johnson.
    [6] Foster The People.
    [7] Tweekz read a poem by Robert “Bobby” Frost entitled, "Acquainted With The Night".
    [8] Bobby Blue Bland.
    [9] Teaprise. Finished Hot Tea from second set.

Coach's Notes:
    [1] The Band.
    [2] FTP. Vampire Weekend.
    [3] FTP.
    [4] Vampire Weekend.

Coach's Corner:
Göose had not played in Asbury Park since 2017 at the Wonder Bar.
Next Show: 2021-10-08 • Terminal 5 • Manhattan, New York

Coach's Corner:
Handini played this show with a B3.
Next Show: 2021-09-18 • See.Hear.Now • Ashbury, NJ

Set 1: So Ready[1], I Wish[2], Arcadia[3]

Coach's Notes:
    [1] Dini dedicated the song to Greg’s mom.
    [2] Stevie Wonder. With special guest Tommy Weeks of the Funk Dawgs Brass Band on saxophone (i.e., Tweeks squared).
    [3] With the guest of honor Greg Knight rapping.

Coach's Corner:
This was a private set performed at the wedding of Kathleen Rothschild and Gregory Knight.

Coach's Notes:
    [1] Bob Dylan.
    [2] Göose.
    [3] Grateful Dead.
    [4] John Prine.
    [5] Bonnie Raitt.
    [6] Arcade Fire.

Coach's Notes:
    [1] Jon L on rain stick.
    [2] With very special guest and former member of G?ose, Chris ?Doc? Enright on keys.
    [3] Spuds & Jeff had a drum jam.
    [4] With very special guest Matt Campbell from Vasudo on keys and vocals.

Coach's Corner:
Next Show: 2021-09-03 • 4848 • Snowshoe, WV

Coach's Notes:
    [1] David Gray. FTP.
    [2] With very special guests Griffin (percussion/vocals) and Taylor (guitar/vocals) from Dawes. Jeff played Handini�s guitar.
    [3] The Band.

Coach's Corner:
Next Show: 2021-08-22 @ Fred Fest

No known setlist.

"Loose Ends" tease in This Old Sea

Coach's Notes:
    [1] Slow, melodic version.
    [2] Grateful Dead.
    [3] JonL brought out cup cakes for Tweekz' 32nd birthday. T blew out the candles, then ripped up the bass.
    [4] With Loose Ends teases.

Coach's Corner:
Next show: Fred The Festival • Arrington, VA

Soundcheck: Jam, State of the Art (A.E.I.O.U), Don’t Do It

Coach's Notes:
    [1] With very special guest Ben Baruch on percussion.
    [2] JonL announced Karen, Beverly, Dylan and Otto as winners of the Coach Look-Alike Contest. The winners each won two free tickets to Fred Fest!
    [3] Jim James.
    [4] The Band. Handini shouted out the G�ose crew before the song.

Coach's Corner:
Next Show: 2021-07-23 • Floyd Fest • Floyd, VA

Soundcheck: In Your Eyes, 726, A Western Sun, SOS

Coach's Notes:
    [1] With JonL on rain stick.
    [2] Peter Gabriel.
    [3] Fat Freddy's Drop.

Coach's Notes:
    [1] With kick drum solo by Ben, drum solo from Jeff, Trevor Bass solo, and Dini queued Kurt to go back into Drive.
    [2] JonL announced Eric and Noah as winners of the Coach Lookalike Contest, winning a prize of two free tickets to Fred The Festival.
    [3] Jackson Browne.
    [4] Grateful Dead.
    [5] Bobby Blue Bland.

Coach's Corner:
Next Show: 2021-07-09 • Denver, CO • Sculpture Park

"Chank" tease in Jive Lee
"Ride On The Magic School Bus" tease in Wysteria Lane

Soundcheck: Jam > (Marie's The Name) His Latest Flame > Liza Jane, The Labyrinth, Travelers

Coach's Notes:
    [1] Paul Simon. With special guest Torrin Daniels from the Kitchen Dwellers on banjo and Andrew Goedde on whistle.
    [2] Slow, melodic version.
    [3] Elvis Presley. LTP on 2020-09-12 @ Yarmouth Drive-In in West Yarmouth, MA.
    [4] With special guest Torrin Daniels from the Kitchen Dwellers on banjo.
    [5] With Ride on the Magic School Bus teases.
    [6] With alternate vocal ending.
    [7] Rupert Holmes.
    [8] With Chank teases.

Coach's Corner:
Next Show: 2021-06-07 • Livingston, MT • Pine Creek Lodge

Soundcheck: Jam, Trouble

Coach's Notes:
    [1] JonL on rain stick.
    [2] Bruce Hornsby. Dedicated to Rich and Warren. Spuds also gave a shout-out to GrooveSafe - we love that organization!
    [3] Coach presented tickets to Fred: The Festival to the Coach Look-Alike winners by knighting them with the rain stick while the band played the Bingo Tour Theme.
    [4] Otis Day & The Knights.

Coach's Corner:
Next Show: Livingston, MT • 2021-07-06

Soundcheck: Jam > One More Day, Use Me

Coach's Notes:
    [1] Spuds dedicated the song to Trey and Emmitt.
    [2] Billy Joel.
    [3] Snakes dedicated the song to the camp sites.
    [4] Kylie Minogue.

Coach's Notes:
    [1] Creedence Clearwater Revival.
    [2] Featuring Jon L on rain stick.
    [3] The Band. Before the song began, Coach brought a cake out to Jeff to celebrate his first official year in the band.
    [4] Clarence Carter. LTP on 2019-10-05 at Bon & Jon’s Wedding in Madison, CT. This song was dedicated to the Trash Angels and Flavortown crew. Featuring Jon L singing the second verse and playing the rain stick throughout.
    [5] The Sanskrit lyrical section of the song.
    [6] Before the song began, Handini shouted out to the entire crew. Jon then walked Marta out on stage and Sam brought her a cake as the band and crowd sang Happy Birthday to her.

Coach's Corner:
Next show: 2021-07-02 • Eau Claire, WI

"Indian River" jam in Flodown
"I Can't Turn You Loose" tease in All I Need

Coach's Notes:
    [1] Indian River jam during intro.
    [2] With I Can't Turn You Loose teases.
    [3] Walter Murphy.
    [4] Grateful Dead. FTP.

"Barracuda" tease in Electric Avenue

Coach's Notes:
    [1] Vibey Tumblé.
    [2] Grateful Dead.
    [3] Fleet Foxes. FTP.
    [4] Eddy Grant. With Barracuda teases from Peter. Wiz Kid also lead the boys through a vocal jam.

Coach's Notes:
    [1] Kenny Loggins.
    [2] Bob Dylan. LTP on 2015-04-18 @ Tavern on 7 in Norwalk, CT.

Coach's Notes:
    [1] Duke Herrington. FTP.
    [2] Slow, melodic version.
    [3] Two-step version.
    [4] Moody Blues.
    [5] Wilson Pickett.

"Slow Ready" tease in Me & My Uncle
"Secret Agent Man" tease in Madhuvan

Coach's Notes:
    [1] John Phillips. With Slow Ready teases.
    [2] Becca proposed to Brendan in Section 221 and it was such a happy moment for the crowd and couple!
    [3] With Secret Agent Man teases.
    [4] Fat Freddy's Drop.
    [5] Featuring Greg Knight on vocals.
    [6] Finished the Slow Ready from 2021-06-11.

Coach's Notes:
    [1] Radiohead.
    [2] FTP.
    [3] Pat Benatar.
    [4] Unfinished.

"Tumble" tease in Spirit Of The Dark Horse

Coach's Notes:
    [1] The Wood Brothers.
    [2] In minor key.
    [3] FTP.
    [4] With Tumble teases.
    [5] The Band.
    [6] Talking Heads.

Coach's Corner:
Next Show • 2021-06-11 • Swanzey, NH
This was the last show of the first leg of summer tour. Thanks so much to everyone who came out to the shows or streamed! We love y’all! See ya in June!!!

"Chank" tease in Jive I

Coach's Notes:
    [1] Paul Simon. Snakes & Handini on acoustic guitars and with Andrew Goedde whistling - this was phenomenal! He jammed hard with Dini & Kurt.
    [2] Snakes & Handini on acoustic guitars.
    [3] With Chank teases from Peter.
    [4] FTP.

Coach's Corner:
Tonight was Goedde’s 26th birthday celebration.
Next Show: 2021-05-09 • Pelham, TN • The Caverns

"Ghostbusters" tease in Drive

Coach's Notes:
    [1] Wes Montgomery.
    [2] Peter dedicated the song to his mom.
    [3] Bruce Hornsby.
    [4] With Ghostbusters teases.
    [5] Otis Day & The Knights.
    [6] Bobby Blue Bland.

Soundcheck: Doctor My Eyes, Your Ocean, Jive II

Coach's Notes:
    [1] LTP on 2020-10-03 @ Chesire Fairgrounds in Swanzey, NH.
    [2] First version without rain stick since Bingo Tour Sheep Set on 2020-06-28 @ Millstone Farm in Wilton, CT.
    [3] Jackson Browne. FTP.

Coach's Corner:
Next Show: 2021-05-06 • Charleston, SC

Set 1: Arrow > Bob Don, Towel Jam[1], Yeti > Spirit Of The Dark Horse[2] > Arrow

Coach's Notes:
    [1] Band and crew were toweling off the equipment from the crazy rain.
    [2] LTP on 2019-03-01 @ Viva Zapata in Westport, CT.

Coach's Corner:
This show started very late due to lightning and a tornado. This show was so high energy and an incredibly Ted way to start summer tour. A special thank you to everyone that came out and braved the storm, and thanks to everyone that streamed the show!! We love y’all!!
Next Show: 2021-05-04 • Frederick, MD

"Hot Tea" tease in Turned Clouds
"River Lullaby" tease in Flodown

Coach's Notes:
    [1] Tom Waits. LTP on 2020-03-21 @ Live from T's.
    [2] With Hot Teases from Peter.
    [3] Spoon.
    [4] With The Prince of Egypt theme River Lullaby teases from Rick.
    [5] Sergio Mendes.
    [6] Unfinished.

Coach's Corner:
This was the first Florida show since 2017-12-09 @ Dunedin Brewery in Dunedin, FL.
Next Show: 2021-05-03 • Frederick, MD