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nevergetout May 5, 2023
The show opens with a Drive, and it does what a good set opener should do. Next up is Dr. Darkness, a great second-slot choice, followed by Turbulence & the Night Rays, which creates a great three-hit punch to open the show. That Turbulence hit a really nice jam.

All I Need follows, and while there's no second jam, the first does all of the work. It quickly gets to a blissful place before evolving into a more layered and textured funky rock. It's sort of dark and moody but fun at the same time. The jam is great.

Earthling or Alien? then brings the funk for a bit, followed by Animal which continues the grooving. The jam settles into a relaxed groove early on with Peter on the piano and Rick laying down some rhythm stuff. I think that the jam loses some steam following the beginning of Rick's soloing. Overall, it's still a pretty darn good first set.

The second part of the Animal jam serves as a high energy closer, even though it doesn't have much depth to it.

The second set kicks off with a powerful Tumble that takes the audience on a journey through a deep and funky jam. The melodic section that follows gives the music a spacey quality before Ben brings back a groove that gets the crowd moving again. Throughout the jam, Peter's dissonant and reverbed piano adds an unsettling element to the vibe, while Trevor and Rick keep a happy-sounding groove going. The jam eventually gives way to a fast-paced Goosey groove that gets the energy pumping. A quick Western Sun and Arrow follow, with a decent jam that segues perfectly into Sinnerman. This one has a great groove, with Rick's slow and melodic playing on top of it. The set ends with a rock-out to the end of Sinnerman, leaving the crowd energized and ready for the encore. The band wraps up the night with Flodown, which may not be my first choice, but it's clear that the audience loves it, especially that one guy. Overall a good show with a couple standouts.

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