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Soundcheck: Madhuvan, Butter Rum, Yeti

Coach's Notes:
    [1] Creedence Clearwater Revival.
    [2] The Trammps.
    [3] Unfinished.
    [4] Sergio Mendes.
    [5] As they started the song, Kurt said, "This one's for them," and pointed at AJ & Eric Lindsay. Peter then added, "All the way from Detroit!"

Coach's Corner:
This was the band's first time in Peoria. I want to shout out to The Blank Stairs, the opening band from last night's show. These kids were great people & I want to wish them the best of luck!!
Set 1 Start Time: 11:23pm - 12:38am
Set Start Time: 1:13am - 2:37am
Next Show: 2019-01-31 • Boulder, CO • The Lazy Dog

Opening Band(s): The Blank Stairs

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