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Coach's Notes:
    [1] With JonL on rain stick. Each band member and JonL took a lap around the barn.
    [2] FTP. Mystery Song #1.
    [3] Creedence Clearwater Revival.
    [4] Walter Murphy.
    [5] Each band member and JonL did forty leg squats.
    [6] Kenny Loggins.
    [7] Kenny Loggins. "Marta, make the move," lyrical changes from Kurt.
    [8] Everyone in the band switched instruments. Handini on bass, Rick on drums, Spuds on percussion, Tweekz on guitar, and Jeffrey on keys.

Coach's Corner:
Jeffrey Lane Arevalo on percussion and drums for the first time with Göose.
Set 1 Start Time: 8:29pm - End Time: 9:46pm
Set 2 Start Time: 10:21pm - End Time: 11:51pm
Next Show: 2020-06-20 • Bingo Tour Night 2

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