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Coach's Notes:
    [1] Free Space jam.
    [2] Included "Take A Lap" and "Coach on Rainstick" bingo balls. Each band member and JonL took a lap around the barn.
    [3] FTP, Mystery Song #1. Included "+15 Minute Jam" bingo ball.
    [4] Creedence Clearwater Revival.
    [5] Walter Murphy.
    [6] Included "40 Squats" bingo ball. Each band member and Coach took turns doing 40 leg squats.
    [7] Minor-key version.
    [8] Kenny Loggins.
    [9] Kenny Loggins. "Marta, make the move," lyrical changes from Kurt.
    [10] "Rotation Jam" bingo ball. Everyone in the band switched instruments. Handini on bass, Rick on drums, Spuds on percussion, Tweekz on guitar, and Jeffrey on keys.

Show Notes: This show was the first night of the Bingo Tour. The whole setlist was chosen based on random draws of bingo balls with different songs or gimmicks on them. This was Jeff's first show with the band.

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