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Soundcheck: Christmas Card From a Hooker in Minneapolis, Western Sun, Doc Brown

Coach's Notes:
    [1] Van Morrison.
    [2] Slow, melodic version.
    [3] Sérgio Mendes.
    [4] Disco version.
    [5] Paul Simon.
    [6] Tom Waits. LTP on...Göosemas 2? Early Viva's show? Or FTP? Snakes said, “Last time we were at the venue, we were going to play this...but we didn’t have time, so we’re going to play it now.”
    [7] Otis Day & The Knights.

Coach's Corner:
This was a sold out show!!
Set 1 Start: 10:09pm - Set 1 End: 11:20pm
Set 2 Start: 11:55pm - Set 2 End: 1:17am
Encore: Start 1:22am - End 1:35am
Next Show: 2019-10-31 • NYC • Mercury Lounge

Fan Rating: 5 — 1 rating(s)

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