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Soundcheck: Butter Rum, Lead The Way

Coach's Notes:
    [1] John Philips.
    [2] *Spuds🥔 sang/shouted to the crowd, “You’re my sweet island muffin, baby,” towards the end of the tune.
    [3] Bruce Hornsby.
    [4] The Trammps.

Show Notes:
This was the bands first show at Nietzsche’s & first headlining gig in Buffalo. People came out in big numbers and let loose w/ the Göose!! Big thanks to Mark Eaton, AJ Mussachio, and Bob Barker for the hospitality!!
Set 1 Start : 11:51pm Set 1 End: 1:09am
Set 2 Start: 1:29am Set 2 End: 2:35am
Next Show: 2018-12-11 • Omaha, NE • The Waiting Room Lounge • Opening for Aqueous

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