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"Honeybee" tease in All I Need
"Secret Agent Man" tease in The Whales
"Feel It Now" tease in Jive Lee
"Streets of Cairo" tease in Arrow
"Bubblehouse" tease in Jive Lee

Coach's Notes:
    [1] Slow, melodic version. With Honeybee tease from Peter.
    [2] With Secret Agent Man teases from Rick and Peter.
    [3] Bob Marley.
    [4] With Feel It Now and Bubblehouse teases.
    [5] A-ha.
    [6] With Coach on rainstick.
    [7] With Streets of Cairo tease from Rick.
    [8] Otis Day & The Knights.

Coach's Corner: Take On Me was played for the first time since December 13, 2019 (196 shows). Before Honeybee, the band surprised Coach with a new rainstick.

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