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Coach's Notes:
    [1] Free Space jam.
    [2] The Brothers Johnson. Included "Wim Hof" bingo ball. Peter led the breathing exercise.
    [3] Wes Montgomery.
    [4] Eddy Grant. Included "Limbo" bingo ball. Members of the band and crowd did the limbo mid-jam.
    [5] Otis Day & The Knights.
    [6] Blind Melon. With Coach on rain stick.
    [7] Fat Freddy's Drop. FTP. Mystery Song #4.
    [8] Included "Greg Knight Freestyle" and "No Drums" bingo balls. Rick, Peter, and Trevor only.
    [9] Mystery Song #7.
    [10] Included "+10 Minute Jam" and "20 Push Ups" bingo balls. Each member of the band and Coach did 20 push-ups..
    [11] The Band.

Show Notes: This show was the third night of the Bingo Tour. The whole setlist was chosen based on random draws of bingo balls with different songs or gimmicks on them.


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