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"Hot Tea" tease in Wysteria Lane

Coach's Notes:
    [1] Echo & The Bunnymen. FTP.
    [2] Unfinished.
    [3] Tears For Fears. FTP.
    [4] Duran Duran. FTP.
    [5] FTP.
    [6] With Hot Teases.
    [7] Tears For Fears. Ending only.

Coach's Corner: This show was postponed from October 31, 2020 due to a snowstorm. Tonight's Netflox & Chill movie was Donnie Darko. Rich dressed as Donnie Darko, Trevor dressed as Frank the Rabbit, Peter dressed as The Orb, Ben dressed as a Viking (one Donnie's friends at the Halloween party), and Jeff dressed as Hulk Hogan (Donnie's other friend at the Halloween party).

Opening Band(s): Doey Joey

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