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Coach's Notes:
    [1] The Trammps.
    [2] Free Space Jam.
    [3] Slow, melodic version. With Loose Ends jam.
    [4] Father John Misty. Included "Reggae Feel" bingo ball.
    [5] FTP as Goose. Mystery Song #2.
    [6] Kylie Minogue.
    [7] Wilson Pickett.
    [8] Radiohead.
    [9] 4 Non Blondes.
    [10] The Clash. FTP. Mystery Song #6.
    [11] Billy Ray Cyrus. With Trevor on vocals, Peter on bass, Coach on rainstick, and Pete Campbell on gong.

Show Notes: This show was the fourth night of the Bingo Tour. The whole setlist was chosen based on random draws of bingo balls with different songs or gimmicks on them.

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