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Soundcheck: Inside Out, Jive II

Coach's Notes:
    [1] Spoon.
    [2] Otis Day & The Knights.
    [3] Unfinished. The crowd started to sing, "Happy Birthday" to Handini, and Spuds joined in over the mic. He turned 27 at midnight.
    [4] Foster The People.
    [5] Handini played the "Charge" fanfare before starting the song.
    [6] Run DMC. With "Stage Plot" and "Goo" jams.
    [7] The Merrymen.

Show Notes:
This was a sold out show.
Set 1 Start: 11:39pm - Set 1 End: 12:52am
Set 2 Start: 1:21am - Set 2 End Time: 2:50am
Next Show: 2019-12-07 • Steamboat Springs, CO • Old Town Pub

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