Goose: January 18, 2020 РPlaying In The Sand, Riviera Maya, Canc̼n, USA

Set 1: Flodown[1], Escape (The Piña Colada Song)[2], Tumble, Wysteria Lane > Echo Of A Rose, Crosseyed & Painless[3], Arcadia, Madhuvan > Wild Night[4], Creatures, Don't Do It[5], Jive I > Jive Lee[6]

Encore: Me & My Uncle[7]

[1] Flopener.
[2] Rupert Holmes.
[3] Talking Heads.
[4] Van Morrison.
[5] The Band.
[6] With "Chank" teases from Handini.
[7] John Phillips. Before the song, Kurt said to the crowd, "This one is for all the people who helped us get here."