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hootywho December 21, 2022
Literally top 3 concert experiences of my entire life. Started out with the Yeti sandwich with a good ol Colorado special, pumped up kicks thrown in the middle. Jive 1 was up next and it was a solid 11 minute masterpiece. We knew tonight was gonna be some next level goosing after that number. Next came the  Slow, funked out Echo of a rose. It was soooo dope. The floor was packed and grooving together as one. While tuning inbetween songs, rick teased a eoa lick and the crowd went crazy. Pete then asked if there were any alien in the room tonight and the we went even crazier. The set ender was probably one of the coolest moments of the night. When the entire crowd was singing along to No rain i stood there and listened from the floor and it sounded like i was in the biggest church choir in the world. It was very special moment and Im glad i got to experience it with about 700 of my closest friends. Set two started out with a great new FTP song by the Goose from Connecticut called Mr Action. It started out with a few licks that sounded like another goose song that i couldnt quite put my thumb on, and then rick dropped the lyrics "Mr Action...King of misdirection..." LOL you guys are good at the subliminal troll move. lol Next came the moment that made the entire weekend! On night 2 of goosemas i wrote Fast All I Need on a ball for the bingo thing. I also leading up to goosemas, wrote several of the band members on social media requesting Fast All I Need....well it turns out they were listening and to my amazement Fast ALL I NEED WAS ALL I NEEDED AND IT CAME! I fucking lost it and danced harder than i have ever danced before. The drum battle in the middle between jeb and ben was sooo good. and rick just slays the solo at the end. when it quieted down, i yelled "who read my ball?!" and rick smirked and pete laughed out loud. my whole heart and soul was content after that but they were like we aint fuckin done. here is a crosseyed from the depths of hell, and in the best way possible. I heard rick try to go into crossyed the night before in the second set, so to hear it on night 3 was just perfect. the jam on the back end of this number was the darkest and most evil jam ive ever heard goose do. and it was devine. im so blessed to have got to be in that room that night. next came the spirt of the dark horse. Ive never been a big fan of that song, but boy was that shit beautiful that night. rick took me to another place outside of the fox with that music. it was trancending af. Whip it was fun and clearly pete's idea. lol so ready was the sing along banger that we all needed. elmeg encore that was donor requested was really good. love me some elmeg. brokedown palace is a core four dead song only imo and i hate when goose covers the dead, so uh yea theres that.....disco inferno was really fun too. pete was having a blast as were we all in the crowd, letting our inner 70's freak flag fly. all in all this show was up there for me in all time shows. like i said top 3 of all time. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSEEEEEEEE. Honk! see ya all at the next one. one love.

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