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Idonthategoose September 17, 2023
Okay so first Goose show. Heard alot of hype I generally enjoy their music.

Historic Masonic Temple, been their a few times love the venue.

Doors opened at 630 band didn't hit stage til 830. This might be common I don't know all I know is I waited in line a half an hour to wait in my seat for 2 hours. Also saw a roadie put a sheet of paper out at each musician's place, if that was a setlist they cannot be called a "jam band"

First set was okay Electric avenue was fun but Red Bird was best of set.

Between 1 and 2 set a man had to be resuscitated and was taken out on a stretcher while over imbibed fans danced.

Second set great Yeti opener, thought I didn't like Scott but this performance changed my mind completely. I thought I liked the Rick vocal songs, but this show completely switched it to Scott being my favorite vocalist.

Hungersite got big applause but went nowhere, Rick did not seem in step. Rock the Casba killed the vibe.

A few of their songs sounded the same. Wasn't much jamming just Rick soloing to a crescendo a couple of times. The band does not need to stretch out their songs they need to turn on a dime always pushing for something different playing off of each other.

Not saying they ate not talented, very talented group of musicians. They just didn't appear to push each other to greater heights.

Don't know if this was an off night.

Overall just bearly worth the price of parking

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