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Soundcheck: Jam, All I Need, Indian River

Coach's Notes:
    [1] Flopener.
    [2] Creedence Clearwater Revival.
    [3] Billy Joel.
    [4] When Handini started to play, Spuds stopped him, and told Dini he was playing the wrong song. Matt Kolinski and JonL walked on stage with cupcakes. Spuds started to sing "Happy Birthday," and the crowd joined in.
    [5] Sergio Mendes.
    [6] Stevie Wonder. Unfinished.
    [7] The Band.

Coach's Corner:
This was a sold out show.
Set 1 Start: 10:35pm Set 1 End: 11:52pm
Set 2 Start: 12:30am Set 2 End: 1:44am
Next Show: 2019-12-09 • Steamboat Springs, CO • Old Town Pub

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