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Soundcheck: Why Can't We Be Friends, Love Me Sexy, Lady Marmalade, Yeti, Short People, A Fifth of Beethoven

Coach's Notes:
    [1] Jackie Moon. FTP. With Coach on rainstick.
    [2] Unfinished.
    [3] The Brothers Johnson. FTP.
    [4] Patti LaBelle. FTP.
    [5] Walter Murphy. FTP.
    [6] Barry White. FTP.
    [7] War. FTP.
    [8] With Charge! tease from Peter.
    [9] Randy Newman. FTP.
    [10] Walter Murphy. Unfinished.
    [11] Deodato.

Show Notes: This was a Netflox & Chill show and was Semi-Pro themed. Spuds teased Maze before the second set.
Set 1 Start Time: 11:32pm - End Time: 12:36am
Set 2 Start Time: 1:02am - End Time: 2:26am

Opening Band(s): Doey Joey

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