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Coach's Notes:
    [1] Quincy Jones. FTP.
    [2] The Who. FTP.
    [3] Sergio Mendes.
    [4] Nancy Sinatra. FTP.
    [5] Only the ending to Madhuvan was played.

Show Notes:
This was the 2nd ‘Netflox & Chill’ night. The movie/theme was Austin Powers.
Rick was dressed as Dr. Evil, Ben was Scott, Tweeks was Fez, Aaron was Number Two & Peter was Austin Powers. The crowd came out big time & lots of people were looking very “groovy baby” as many funky flockers dressed up for the theme. Great show, it was a very fun night. 👍👍
Set 1 started at 10:27pm & Ended at 11:32pm
Set 2 started at 11:46pm & Ended at 12:36am

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