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Coach's Notes:
    [1] Vince Guaraldi.
    [2] John Scofield & Government Mule.
    [3] Grateful Dead.
    [4] John Scofield.
    [5] Bob Marley & The Wailers.
    [6] Earl Hines.
    [7] Van Morrison.
    [8] Stevie Wonder.
    [9] King Harvest.
    [10] Wilson Pickett.
    [11] The Isley Brothers.
    [12] What song is this?
    [13] Bill Withers.

Coach's Corner:
The legendary inaugural Goosemas event. Jon bought dozens of pizzas, trays of tenders, salad, and more, and maybe ten or twelve kegs. Bonnie and a good friend held down the bar. Thresher, Galardi, and others helped Coach set up in the basement of the studio. Goose played three sets...the rest is history.

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