Goose: January 26, 2019 – Kenny's Westside Pub, Peoria, IL, USA

Set 1: Butter Rum, Madhuvan, Time to Flee, Indian River > Green River[1], Arcadia, Disco Inferno[2], Turned Clouds

Set 2: Yeti[3] > Echo Of A Rose > Jive Lee > All I Need, Mas Que Nada[4] > Into The Myst[5], Hot Tea

Encore: Creatures[6]

[1] Creedence Clearwater Revival.
[2] The Trammps.
[3] SICK JAM that went the distance!! The entire segment of Yeti through All I Need (AIN) was incredible! The Göose boys & fans were having so much fun!!
[4] Sergio Mendes.
[5] Disco version.
[6] As they started Creatures, Kurt said, “This one's for them,” and pointed at AJ & Eric Lindsay. Peter then added, “All the way from Detroit!”