Goose: July 11, 2019 – Doc Taylor's, Virginia Beach, VA, USA

Set 1: Elizabeth > Echo Of A Rose > Me & My Uncle[1], All I Need[2] > A Western Sun, Doc Brown > I'm Alright[3] > Make The Move[3], Jive I > Jive Lee[4]

Set 2: Drive > Slow Ready[5], Ghostbusters Rap[6]

Set 3: Electric Avenue[7], Flodown

[1] John Phillips.
[2] Slow, melodic version.
[3] Kenny Loggins.
[4] With Mini Mall Rap (second time played).
[5] Some jerk-job started a fight in the crowd during the end of Slow Ready. It was broken up, and the band said, “Don’t come to our shows to fight, come to our shows to dance! Get him out of here.”
[6] Run DMC. Beverly Hills Cop Theme teases. With “We ain’t afraid of no fighting...” lyrical changes from Snakes. At the end of the song, Snakes quoted the movie My Blue Heaven: 'Arugula? I haven't had arugula in six weeks!'
[7] Eddy Grant.