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nevergetout May 5, 2023
The show opens with a Drive, and it does what a good set opener should do. Next up is Dr. Darkness, a great second-slot choice, followed by Turbulence & the Night Rays, which creates a great three-hit punch to open the show. That Turbulence hit a really nice jam.

All I Need follows, and while there's no second jam, the first does all of the work. It quickly gets to a blissful place before evolving into a more layered and textured funky rock. It's sort of dark and moody but fun at the same time. The jam is great.

Earthling or Alien? then brings the funk for a bit, followed by Animal which continues the grooving. The jam settles into a relaxed groove early on with Peter on the piano and Rick laying down some rhythm stuff. I think that the jam loses some steam following the beginning of Rick's soloing. Overall, it's still a pretty darn good first set.

The second part of the Animal jam serves as a high energy closer, even though it doesn't have much depth to it.

The second set kicks off with a powerful Tumble that takes the audience on a journey through a deep and funky jam. The melodic section that follows gives the music a spacey quality before Ben brings back a groove that gets the crowd moving again. Throughout the jam, Peter's dissonant and reverbed piano adds an unsettling element to the vibe, while Trevor and Rick keep a happy-sounding groove going. The jam eventually gives way to a fast-paced Goosey groove that gets the energy pumping. A quick Western Sun and Arrow follow, with a decent jam that segues perfectly into Sinnerman. This one has a great groove, with Rick's slow and melodic playing on top of it. The set ends with a rock-out to the end of Sinnerman, leaving the crowd energized and ready for the encore. The band wraps up the night with Flodown, which may not be my first choice, but it's clear that the audience loves it, especially that one guy. Overall a good show with a couple standouts.

Garmerr March 24, 2023
Total Bangah.

Fun start Flopener, ripping good Elizabeth, and some soft core porn abduction during E or A? to close out set 1. 2nd set was the stuff of which dreams are made.

Creatures to open featured some spirited play and Hungersite lit up the room like an electric factory. A Mt.Rushmore of Red Bird performances. A crunchy Bob Don and then some fresh Pancakes to close out set 2. Peter flashed some serious dance moves during Slow Ready. 

deathcab January 5, 2023

good pancakes opener.

20 min madhuvan and 20 min arrow packed in a two hour festival set.

two barnburner covers with don't do it and hot tea. possibly the best hot tea.

nice dripfield to close 2022 summer tour.

awesome value for a festival set. went for quality over quantity.

deathcab January 5, 2023
4/5. first show so heavy bias here.

hot tea blazed open the show.

dripfield -> slow ready -> fish in the sea for spacey vibes.

electric avenue as a 3:45am payoff for everyone that stuck around.

then a lovely empress that went until 4:10am.

hope it was a good practice for the band before radio city music hall.


deathcab January 5, 2023

into the myst -> arcadia was the best part of the night. contains hard rocking goodness and ambient sweetness

elizabeth was a fun, rollicking cover that went into an awesome bloodbuzz ohio.

top notch echo.

slow ready ->hollywood nights was groovin 

butter rum was a blast. doobie songs was chill

Michelle_Varvelian January 4, 2023
This was my 2nd show and my 1st Tumble (the song that pulled me in).

The first set was incredible.

Honeybee--Creatures into Pumped Up Kicks. Holy Cow!

I dance cried so hard during A Western Sun.

Did the "White Lights" dance like a pro. LOL

***This Slow--Tea is glorious. :)***

It was so hot in this place...we needed it!

Dancing in the Moonlight was a sing-a-long delight.

Goose will always give us just exactly what we need.

Here at this show...we really needed WATER/AC.

When will these venues get it?

nevergetout January 3, 2023
Very good show. The first set was well played but not an essential listen. However, the second set is another story. Maybe we should let the fans pick the setlist more often ;).

Pancakes and Rosewood were an incredible one two punch to start the show off. The Pancakes jam was absolutely rockin and had a fantastic peak. Wysteria as well was a really solid version. I felt like Rick sounded particularly incredible vocal-wise for this version, which is very nice to hear. The ball-pull > Moby was a great way to get a breather which was perfect before this MONSTER Rockdale. The jam on Rockdale almost immediately was pushed into a super dark jam that quickly developed into Crazy Train teases which was very interesting, different, and cool for Goose. 

Nice little nod from Ben to our fellow Jews in the audience and then they launched into a beautifully awesome White Lights.

hootywho December 21, 2022
Literally top 3 concert experiences of my entire life. Started out with the Yeti sandwich with a good ol Colorado special, pumped up kicks thrown in the middle. Jive 1 was up next and it was a solid 11 minute masterpiece. We knew tonight was gonna be some next level goosing after that number. Next came the  Slow, funked out Echo of a rose. It was soooo dope. The floor was packed and grooving together as one. While tuning inbetween songs, rick teased a eoa lick and the crowd went crazy. Pete then asked if there were any alien in the room tonight and the we went even crazier. The set ender was probably one of the coolest moments of the night. When the entire crowd was singing along to No rain i stood there and listened from the floor and it sounded like i was in the biggest church choir in the world. It was very special moment and Im glad i got to experience it with about 700 of my closest friends. Set two started out with a great new FTP song by the Goose from Connecticut called Mr Action. It started out with a few licks that sounded like another goose song that i couldnt quite put my thumb on, and then rick dropped the lyrics "Mr Action...King of misdirection..." LOL you guys are good at the subliminal troll move. lol Next came the moment that made the entire weekend! On night 2 of goosemas i wrote Fast All I Need on a ball for the bingo thing. I also leading up to goosemas, wrote several of the band members on social media requesting Fast All I Need....well it turns out they were listening and to my amazement Fast ALL I NEED WAS ALL I NEEDED AND IT CAME! I fucking lost it and danced harder than i have ever danced before. The drum battle in the middle between jeb and ben was sooo good. and rick just slays the solo at the end. when it quieted down, i yelled "who read my ball?!" and rick smirked and pete laughed out loud. my whole heart and soul was content after that but they were like we aint fuckin done. here is a crosseyed from the depths of hell, and in the best way possible. I heard rick try to go into crossyed the night before in the second set, so to hear it on night 3 was just perfect. the jam on the back end of this number was the darkest and most evil jam ive ever heard goose do. and it was devine. im so blessed to have got to be in that room that night. next came the spirt of the dark horse. Ive never been a big fan of that song, but boy was that shit beautiful that night. rick took me to another place outside of the fox with that music. it was trancending af. Whip it was fun and clearly pete's idea. lol so ready was the sing along banger that we all needed. elmeg encore that was donor requested was really good. love me some elmeg. brokedown palace is a core four dead song only imo and i hate when goose covers the dead, so uh yea theres that.....disco inferno was really fun too. pete was having a blast as were we all in the crowd, letting our inner 70's freak flag fly. all in all this show was up there for me in all time shows. like i said top 3 of all time. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSEEEEEEEE. Honk! see ya all at the next one. one love.

Rdegregory22 December 11, 2022
This was my first Goose show after having just kind of stumbled in to them.  I thought the show was killer from start to finish.  Loved the arrow opener.  I thought they fit in really well with everyone else in the stage that night. For my tickets for the show in Birmingham. I assume it's probably the last time I'll see them in a small venue for under forty dollars.

hootywho December 6, 2022
Was my first show. Was third row from the rail, Tweeks side. I remember it being hot af inside the venue. I remember being really stoked when Yeti hit. But the highlight was the Redbird debut and the amazing Fifth of Beethoven. The empress was really good too. This show, the people around me on the floor, the people i met afterwards on van ness. The whole goose vibe had me hooked on night one. See yall at Goosemas

jiveghost November 21, 2022
What an incredible show, we waited out the entire tour to attend this show and it paid off. Incredible playing from Rick who is showing a willingness to build on simplier themes and really drawing out more emotional playing. He was playing on what I think was a new amp head and what appeared to be Trey's original speaker cabinet, his tone was sounding so good and more mature.

Flopener opens strong and whips the arena into a frenzy with pancakes delivering the first taste of deep improvisation with a stellar jam. Turned clouds is always welcomed and then dripfield proves the band is ready for arenas with its massive groove that gives way to another incredible jam that sees Rick building great themes. The band works into a firey groove before giving way to a soft ending and peter takes the opportunity to give a touching speech of appriciation before Trey enters the stage. BIG RED READING ROCKDALE, killer version that is a must hear. Trey and Rick harmonizing on the songs main lick which feeds the Allman Bros vibe they have been curating this tour. Elmeg with Trey is certainly a big deal as this is Ricks take on a gamehenge inspired story telling song, this version doesnt go to deep so that band has a few extra minutes to give us another song. Hot MF Tea with the horns was a vibe, why did they wait this long to bust this out I don't know but I am happy to have witnessed it. 

We brought my partners parents for their first goose and TAB shows. They were totally blown away, and had the biggest smiles that latest the entire set break. They both said they had't danced like that in years and that this was a top five show ever for them (one of them had seen the dead starting all the way back in 74 so thats quite a compliment). Goose, their team and this entire community should feel very proud.

Peace & Love !

crf3rd October 22, 2022
This was a hard show for both me and my wife because we worked very long days and then drove over to New Orleans. We are in our fifties, so don't have quite the energy we used to! But this was our first Goose show. I had never heard Elizabeth until the opener. I found it an endearing tune and a good upbeat way to start it off. From top to bottom this show was tight and energetic. Loved the covers! A great first Goose show and one that I know we'll appreciate even more as time goes on.

crf3rd October 22, 2022
My second Goose show, first was 10/6. I don't know what to say other than my wife and I were blown away by this show. The Madhuvan was as good as any Phish jam I've seen in a long time. Tumble and California Magic were two songs I wanted to hear that weekend and we got them in a 1-2 opening punch. Bob Don was mesmerizing. I keep saying to my wife that I feel like Goose is on the precipice of becoming the next great jamband. I feel like I felt when I first got into Phish in the nineties. 

cgroove October 5, 2022
My first show due to Covid cancellations (4/24/20 at The Cap). Well executed festie set. Gets the fiver because 1st show & I've been hooked since. Will always cherish this one and luckily the memory is very vivid.

Highlights: Yeti, Madhuvan and my first TrevorBass Empress solo. Will always cherish this one

Jive_I September 25, 2022
'Twas my 1st Goose show. Madhuvan opener was what the doctor ordered. Great opener. All I Need > Hot Tea > Dancing In The Moonlight > Hot Tea. Yes please. 

I was hooked. Soon after this show, we were on the road to Chicago for the following nights show. Thank you Goose! 

Walk_the_Unseen July 27, 2022
The heat wave during these NC shows was no joke. Fortunately for everyone in attendance the band answered in kind.

Their night in Raleigh began with a concise but very hot Hungersite, quickly transitioning to a cleanly performed Inside Out. Butterflies' second appearance was tight and had an enjoyably dissonant climax. The Madhuvan jam was the highlight of the evening, lasting nearly 30 minutes and boasting several unique improv sections (namely a very heavy riff section and an absolutely stunning second peak from Rick a bit later). Additional texture and contributions from Peter and the percussion can't be understated either. This is a truly magnificent rendition of Madhuvan and probably the best I've heard.

Later on, Bob Don was hot as usual. The Arrow jam found a moody groove by the end and they rode it out with no forced peak, which I always appreciate. This Drive is another highlight, with its rhythmic jam and unique denouement.

This is an absolutely killer show, and one I was lucky to attend.

jiveghost November 16, 2021
My first Goose show, we had such an incredible time at this show we decided to drive to Charleston and catch another. Hope to see the band at this site again, maybe for their own festival?
Lead the way kicks off the first goose show of the year, and delivers a beautiful uplifting jam that immediately captures the crowd. This version of Jive 2 gives us our first "high speed" jam on this song and the boys are grooving by this point. Time to Flee gives another highlight, the jam builds to a ripping peak before concluding to Gun Street Girl, I have never heard this song but it was a perfect breather. This cover stays in my listening rotation. Turned clouds is pretty straight forward here before we get to the true highlight of the set and possibly the show. All I Need -> Jive Lee is MUST LISTEN Goose. AIN starts out with its usual percussive jam but with so much extra flavor with Jeff way up in the mix. Rick brings in the delay and the band boards the rocketship to a massive peak before a modulation -> Jive Lee this version feels pretty different from what I've heard before. Trev is dropping bombs and the jam goes pretty deep before a set break. 
Wysteria starts the second set with a "micro jam" that really felt like it should have kept going. Inside Out another song this band introduced me to, they really do this song justice. Out of the space comes Flodown with a really cool tease from Rick that adds a creepy energy to the intro before they play a great and straightforward version of the song. ARCADIA shows up, totally random and brilliant call from the band that wasn't originally planned, this was the song that won me over and it felt so good to get this, the band builds it to a rocking conclusion, there wasnt a still body in the Suwannee. Rosewood heart is another favorite, this version is pretty straight forward with some type 1 improv before a great segue into Mas Que Nada. Somewhere in this second set it started to rain and it did not matter at all, I think this only made my first Goose experience even better (and seemed to be a theme for the year with a bunch of rained out shows). The rain inspired the band to bail on the slow ready jam section and move to Empress which is such a brilliant composition. Empress rages and closes out the show.
I left with my jaw on the floor, totally exhausted from dancing in the rain, depleted of serotonin for the rest of the weekend. This show is really incredible and I feel like I will be chasing this "high" for a while. 

jiveghost November 16, 2021
Really great show, with it being Peter's mother's birthday it felt very much like the Handini show! The venue is gorgeous, tons of space, and perfect weather. I'd love to see a return to this site in the future. Starts out with a great cover, Western Sun has a different feel although not noted, with Peter adding pedal steel type sounds to really bring the "western" energy to this version. Another peter song in the whales. HOT TEA, this is a quintessential version, despite the slight drop in pace this version funks out with the best of them, definitely a must listen. Peter shouts out the folks who are watching from their boats besides the venue. Lead the way continues its path of being an underdog jam vehicle, solid jam. White Light dedicated to Peter's mom and gets a little treatment. First set closes with the Hornsby cover and it flirts with going deep and dark. Second set highlights include This Old Sea which has a vibey new feel and a Harry Hood-eske jam, this is my go to version of this song. Myst brings an interesting jam with great playing from Trevor. Drive rocks the beautiful venue with bumble bee and ghostbusters teases. We get a few more covers to close the show. Pretty solid.