Goose: December 22, 2018 – Cantiki SoNo, Norwalk, CT, USA

Set 1: Mele Kalikimaka[1] > Hot Tea, Escape (The Piña Colada Song)[2], Yeti > Electric Avenue[3], Butter Rum[4], All I Need, Feeling Hot Hot Hot[5]

Set 2: Flodown[6], So Ready, Red Red Wine[7], Wysteria Lane > Strokin', Same Old Shenanigans[8], White Lights > Day-O[9] > Feliz Navidad[7]

[1] Bing Crosby.
[2] Rupert Holmes.
[3] Eddy Grant.
[4] Peter let the crowd know that the waitress’s were passing out "Butter Rum" shots!!
[5] With the guys from Eggy on percussion, Jake on guitar, and JonL on rain stick.
[6] Flopener.
[7] Jose Feliciano.
[8] FTP w/ this line up and since being reworked as a song. This tune has special meaning to Kurt & was very special for the band to debut on stage at the former “Shenanigans.”
[9] Harry Belafonte.