Goose: June 19, 2020 – Goose Community Rec Center, Fredding, CT, USA

Set 1: Free Space Jam > Jive II, Into The Myst, Drive > Take A Lap Jam[1] > Travelers[2] > 15 Minute Jam

Set 2: Echo Of A Rose, Green River[3], A Fifth Of Beethoven[4], Time to Flee > Forty Squats Jam[5] > Indian River > I'm Alright[6] > Make The Move[7], Yeti > Jive Lee

Encore: Instrument Switch Jam[8]

[1] With JonL on rain stick. Each band member and JonL took a lap around the barn.
[2] FTP. Mystery Song #1.
[3] Creedence Clearwater Revival.
[4] Walter Murphy.
[5] Each band member and JonL did forty leg squats.
[6] Kenny Loggins.
[7] Kenny Loggins. "Marta, make the move," lyrical changes from Kurt.
[8] Everyone in the band switched instruments. Handini on bass, Rick on drums, Spuds on percussion, Tweekz on guitar, and Jeffrey on keys.