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Coach's Notes:
    [1] Free Space jam. Included "Reprise Opener" bingo ball.
    [2] Sergio Mendes.
    [3] Rupert Holmes.
    [4] Kenny Loggins.
    [5] Included "Drums", "+20 Minute Jam", and "50 Crunches" bingo balls. Each band member and Coach did 50 crunches.
    [6] Grateful Dead.
    [7] For Marta.
    [8] The Wood Brothers.
    [9] Bily Joel.
    [10] Included "One Minute Beast Pose" bingo ball. Each band member and Coach did Beast Pose for one minute.
    [11] Laura Branigan.
    [12] Spoon.
    [13] Peter Gabriel. FTP. Mystery Song #5.
    [14] FTP. Mystery Song #3.

Show Notes: This show was the second night of the Bingo Tour. The whole setlist was chosen based on random draws of bingo balls with different songs or gimmicks on them. Hot Night was played for the first time since April 20, 2019 (88 shows).


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