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Set 1: Jive II > Jive Lee[1] > Creatures > Yeti[2] > Pumped Up Kicks[3], Hot Tea[4]

Soundcheck: Butter Rum, Madhuvan, Jive II

Coach's Notes:
    [1] This was the first time the ‘Lee’ segment of ‘Jive I Lee’ was played on its own. Kurt said to the crowd, “Feels good to be home.”
    [2] With Harpua teases from Peter.
    [3] Foster The People.
    [4] With very special guest Mike Gantzer on guitar.

Coach's Corner:
This was the band's 7th time playing in Covington in 2018. Thanks very much to all the loyal Göose fans, especially the Flavortown Crew & Read for coming to every show in town this year!!
Tony loves Covington so much that he came out & sat on Kurt’s Amp.
Show Start Time: 9:06 - End Time: 10:09
Next Show: 2018-12-15 • Columbus, OH • Opening for Aqueous

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