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Coach's Notes:
    [1] Ray Parker Jr. FTP. Introduction only. Spuds counted down.
    [2] The BusBoys. FTP. Tweeks had a vocal part, and it was great!
    [3] Bobby Brown. FTP.
    [4] Minor-key version.
    [5] Elmer Bernstein. FTP. Main Title Theme (Ghostbusters).
    [6] At the end of Disco Inferno, as they went into So Ready, they played the ending of the song before starting it (I’m pretty positive).
    [7] Ray Parker Jr. FTP. Spuds sang, “Busting makes me feel good!” at the end of the GB theme song.

Coach's Corner:
Netflox & Chill - GooseBusters (Night 1 of 2)
This was Goose’s first 2 night run in our home area (FFLD County) which is really Fred. The bar was jam packed w/ fans dressed up in Halloween 🎃 costumes, all having a great time.
Fun Fact: The World Series was in extra innings during the second set.
Set 1 Start time 10:30pm ended @ 11:46pm
Set 2 Start time 12:05am ended @ 1:17am

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