Notable Jams

Show Date SongTrack TimeArtist Venue Name City StateNotes
2019-04-20DriveGoose Acoustic, The Bridgeport CTMight have you thinking you're listening on 1.5x speed. Breakneck pace and explosive first peak leads to some serious shredding from Peter in the second jam.
2019-11-16Drive30:17Goose Nietzsche's Buffalo NYAfter a fairly standard first jam, second jam picks up in the 11th minute and no one could predict would follow as Goose launches into their longest, most exploratory jam to date (and only 30 min+ jam pre-2022) that caps off an all-time 4-song set.
2019-12-08Drive23:22Goose Old Town Pub & Restaurant Steamboat Springs COMulti-layered creative journey w/ 2 distinct jams. 1st starts with an "IUB"/"I is" vocalization & high energy jam. 2nd jam contains chaotic 2-guitar attack, Creatures-like groove & another shredding peak. Slows down for a landing into Danger Zone.
2019-12-12Drive21:11Goose Lincoln Hall Chicago ILAnother great high energy and unwavering 2019 jam. Peaks wonderfully before sliding into Doc Brown.
2020-10-02Drive25:45Goose Higher Ground Drive-In at the Essex Junction Exposition Center Essex Junction VTStandard groove in the second jam is accentuated by Peter's clav work.
2020-10-19Drive16:39Goose Frederick Fairgrounds Frederick MDRick needs to tune on the intro, so we get some extra vamping. Jam builds into spacey mode and gets into a great -> to "Doc Brown".
2021-07-02Drive20:10Goose Pines Music Park, The Eau Claire WI-> from "Slow Ready". Continues the perfect flow of this set with a great jam before leading -> into "Can't Get You Outta My Head" and "Mais Que Nada".
2021-07-07Drive20:10Goose Pine Creek Lodge Livingston MTSUPER-extended intro jam. Great guitar interplay.
2021-08-21Drive23:44Goose Oak Ridge Farm Arrington VAPeter shines on Vintage Vibe during the second jam.
2021-10-28Drive26:44Goose State Theater Portland MEPeter has a BLAST with his new wireless guitar setup - bouncing all around the stage while vamping off Rick throughout the long second jam.
2021-11-07Drive16:44Goose Eastern, The Atlanta GAEschews the first jam and goes right into the driving second after the "whoa" section. Immedate and FURIOUS dual-guitar attack. Peter goes ham on envelope filter early on before Rick takes control and shreds.
2022-06-15Drive21:12Goose Red Hat Amphitheater Raleigh NCThe song's 2022 evolution really begins here as the band opts to jam out of Rick's solo section. Great keys work from Peter eventually morphs into a layered motif with excellent use of space by Peter on organ while Rick unleashes some dark-ish soloing. Under-the-radar yet excellent jam.
2022-11-11Drive16:21Goose Tsongas Center Lowell MABriskly tempo'd jam sets off with purpose and has some great layering of textures by Peter. Floats perfectly into the intro to "Echo."
2022-12-16Drive16:38Goose 1STBANK Center Broomfield COStandard "Drive" fare until the last few minutes, where Rick and Peter dive headlong into evil shred as Spuds drums his ASS off.
2023-09-13Drive14:17Goose Leader Bank Pavilion Boston MAFall tour opens with a blazing hot "Drive" that sees the band stretch out the solo section into some great dual-guitar madness.
2023-09-22Drive19:31Goose Kettlehouse Amphitheater Bonner MTA rare fully-two-guitar jam for 2023. Deconstructs into a seriously groovy interplay section driven by Spuds' clap stack. Still pretty much Type I throughout but a very fun and groovy listen. Peter hits the keys right at the end with hints of Ted Tapes riffing as they > to an explosive "Red Bird."
2023-11-16Drive8:11Goose Academy 2 Manchester After Peter tells crowd they have one more song, Rick rips back into a second Drive jam to end the show. A fiery theme develops and eventually morphs into the "(dawn)" finish. Incredible spontaneous moment.

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