Goose: December 11, 2020 – 620 Loft & Garden in Rockefeller Center, New York, NY, USA

Set 1: Arcadia > Linus And Lucy[1], Madhuvan[2], Turned Clouds, Earthling or Alien?, Love Is A Battlefield[3], Slow Ready, Elmeg The Wise[4]

Set 2: Seekers On The Ridge Pt. 1 > Seekers On The Ridge Pt. 2, All I Need[5], The Empress Of Organos, Hot Tea > You and Whose Army[6] > Hot Tea

Encore: Higher & Higher[7]

[1] Vince Guaraldi. LTP on 2019-12-21 @ Göosemas VI at The Wall Street Theater in Norwalk, CT.
[2] Slow, funky version.
[3] Pat Benatar. FTP.
[4] LTP on 2018-06-02 @ The Octave in Covington, KY.
[5] Slow, melodic version. Finished song with the ending of Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo.
[6] Radiohead. FTP. Unfinished.
[7] Jackie Wilson. LTP on 2018-11-16 @ The Octave in Covington, KY.