Goose: March 15, 2020 – A Living Room In Connecticut, Out There, CT, USA

Set 1: Madhuvan[1] > Bob Don[2] > All I Need[3], Indian River[4] > Atlantic City[5], Jive II[6] > Into The Myst[2] > Honeybee[2] > Jive Lee[2] > Mustang Sally[7]

[1] Slow, funky version. Electric instruments.
[2] Electric instruments.
[3] Slow, melodic version. Electric instruments.
[4] Different feel. Acoustic instruments.
[5] Bruce Springsteen. Acoustic instruments.
[6] Began using acoustic instruments, later switching to electric.
[7] Wilson Pickett. Electric instruments. With JonL on vocals for final verse. Finished version from 2020-02-15 in Tempe, AZ.