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Set 1: Butter Rum[1]

Set 2: Feeling Hot Hot Hot[2], Day-O[3]

Set 3: Hot Tea, Tumble, Arcadia

Coach's Notes:
    [1] Aborted due to inclement weather.
    [2] The Merrymen.
    [3] Harry Belafonte.

Show Notes: This show was part of the Summer Camp Music Festival. During the rain delay, the band played a second acoustic set in the crowd. Kurt & Pete were on unplugged guitars, Trev on his unplugged bass, Ben on djembe, and JonL on cowbell. After music was stopped during the first set, the weather was so bad for so long that Goose would not have gotten to get back on stage if it wasn't for lespecial, Brass Against, and the Summer Camp Staff at the Soulshine tent for coming up with a new schedule, which cut time from their sets, but allowed all three bands to play music. Huge thanks to everyone involved!!
Set 1: 11:02pm - 11:10pm
Set 2: (no time recorded, things were hectic)
Set 3: (Resumes playing on stage) 1:20am - 1:57am

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