Goose: November 6, 2020 – South Farms, Morris, CT, USA

Set 1: Lily's Tiger[1], Butter Rum[2], The Whales, It Burns Within[3], All I Need[4] > Secret Agent Man[5], Into The Myst

Set 2: The Empress Of Organos[6], Don't Do It[7], Creatures > Honeybee[8], Your Ocean, Earthling or Alien?[1] > Yeti, Ghostbusters Rap[9]

[1] FTP.
[2] With Spuds on vocals.
[3] LTP on 2014-12-22 @ Göosemas I at Factory Underground in Norwalk, CT.
[4] Slow, melodic version.
[5] Johnny Rivers. LTP on 2018-07-12 @ Netflox & Chill at BRYAC in Bridgeport, CT.
[6] FTP as Göose. LTP on 2013-07-08 @ Final Vasudo Show at TB SPAC House in Saratoga Springs, NY.
[7] The Band. Before starting the song, Kurt said, "This one's for my lady."
[8] With JonL on rain stick.
[9] Run DMC.