Notable Jams

Show Date SongTrack TimeArtist Venue Name City StateNotes
2021-05-08Rosewood Heart22:36Goose Caverns Above Ground Amphitheater, The Pelham TNStarts acoustic and turns electric for the jam. Doesn't quite top Hosewood, but it's close.
2021-06-19Rosewood Heart18:29Goose Legend Valley Thornville OHAngular and staccato jamming. Continues "Rosewood"'s strong 2021.
2021-10-28Rosewood Heart17:44Goose State Theater Portland MEHigh-concept crescendoing transcendence built around a lilting melody make for a soul-expanding 2nd jam.
2021-11-06Rosewood Heart25:32Goose Eastern, The Atlanta GAInspiring, get-your-ass-out-bed-and-do-something-with-your-life first jam, followed by groove dance party and epic re-build to glory.
2022-02-03Rosewood Heart22:15Goose Wonder Ballroom Portland ORRipping early peak followed by lovely melodic repeating dancing groove. Last 4 minutes find a quick slowdown and shift to more traditional rocking finish.
2022-02-10Rosewood Heart27:40Goose Sylvee, The Madison WIWide open 2nd jam noodles pensively but prettily for about 10 mins before Pete and Trevor elevate a big rave up conclusion.
2022-03-05Rosewood Heart21:03Goose Brooklyn Bowl Nashville TNThis first jam peaks so insanely hard, Rick is in full god mode. Excellent second jam akin to "speed jazz" circa Summer '93 Phish and -> "Echo of a Rose" ending.
2022-09-29Rosewood Heart23:30Goose National, The Richmond VAPercussion-driven glory seems to end after a soaring peak in the 14th minute only to rise from the ashes blissfully. Magical tear-jerking beauty with some of Trevor and Rick's most beautiful playing ends the jam.
2023-03-09Rosewood Heart16:30Goose Capitol Theatre, The Port Chester NYPercussive and taut jamming around the Rosewood theme leads to a hypnotic jamming segment on the backhalf when the rythm section hooks up with Rick & Peter channeling Neu! & Kraftwerk.
2023-03-31Rosewood Heart19:28Goose Ryman Auditorium Nashville TNEnergetic and powerful, a simple repeating riff by Peter at 16:41 is latched on almost immediately by the rest of the band leading to a chaotic, must hear finish.
2023-04-18Rosewood Heart24:35Goose ELM, The Bozeman MTPercussive vintage vibes led first jam dissolves laterally from its peak into a Trevorbass dance clinic accented by loads of tasteful synth work. Abrupt -> Radiohead's "Weird Fishes". Fans of 11/6/21 are advised to check this version out.
2023-04-25Rosewood Heart20:27Goose McDonald Theatre Eugene ORGentle, delicate start that patiently builds to wonderful soaring peak before beautifully melting away into "Peggy-O."
2023-06-27Rosewood Heart19:02Goose Kemba Live! Outdoors Columbus OHAnother masterclass in drums and percussion drive the majority of this jam. Last few minutes highlighted by Peter's haunting keys as guitar/synth effects and bass provide the perfect backdrop.
2023-09-15Rosewood Heart26:57Goose Knox Farm State Park East Aurora NYFeaturing Taylor and Griffin of Dawes. Huge version has some great guitar interplay in the first half before setting into glorious bliss land for the second half. Jeff loves that D chord!
2023-11-11Rosewood Heart14:55Goose Gretchen Berlin In typical Euro Tour 23 fashion, short, type 1, yet impressive jam. Melodic and uplifting finish before landing into "Fifth of Beethoven."
2024-04-08Rosewood Heart25:07Goose Capitol Theatre, The Port Chester NYA breathtaking and beautiful take on the song. Doesn't stray far from "Rosewood" proper but showcases remarkable patience as the band builds together to a dreamlike peak. Rick throws in some excellent dark tension-building moments toward the end as well.

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