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Creatures in the night
They're crawling
Carving all their names out in the bark
A fire on the beach
They're falling
Deeper and Deeper to the flame

Supple little limbs
They're foreign
Glide on the water like it’s ice
Rising on the tide
We pour in
No walls can hold us back tonight

Saw the rain come
Dancing on the lake
Why wait?
Old man, tomorrow's not your home,
Your home
Leave your pennies on the well white stones
See them glow
Oh, this moment is the only thing you know
You know
Somewhere in the field
He watches
Lion leaves his tracks out in the mud
A tiger on the run
you're lying
Don't you see this jungle in my eye
Stumble little fly
Quit diving
Don't you know that the light rides through your veins
A pheonix on the rise
It's time
Fly on with fire in your heart
Saw the rain come dancing on the lake
Why wait
Old Man, tomorrows not your home, your home
Leave your Pennies on the well white stones
see them glow
Oh this moment is the only thing you know