Shows by played in

Set 1: Loose Ends[1], Syncopated Strangers[1], The Grobe[2] > Transdermal Celebration[2] > Wappy Sprayberry[3] > Robot World[3], Puppet String[3]

Set 2: Plunger[3] > In The Kitchen[3], Nothing Too Fancy[4], Whitehouse Road[4], All In Time[3]

Encore: I Wanna Be Your Lover[3]

Coach's Notes:
    [1] With Andy Farag on drums.
    [2] With Claude Coleman Jr. on drums.
    [3] With Spuds on drums.
    [4] With Spuds on drums and Daniel Donato on guitar.

Show Notes: Spuds filled in for Kris Myers while he was recovering from shoulder surgery.

Set 1: Moonrise, The Wave, Butterflies, Coastin' > I Know You Rider[1], Time to Flee, I'm a Man of Constant Sorrow[2] > Monks of Saigon, Your Old Sweater, Life is a Highway[3], Doc Brown

Encore: Possum[4]

Coach's Notes:
    [1] Grateful Dead.
    [2] Stanley Brothers.
    [3] Tom Cochrane.
    [4] Phish.

Show Notes: This was a special acoustic performance during a rafting trip led by Peter.

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