Shows by played in

Set 1: The Silent Type[1], Hajimemashite[1] > Atmosfarag[1] > Shine On You Crazy Diamond[1], The Triple Wide[2], Sociable Jimmy[3], Making Flippy Floppy[4]

Set 2: Glory[1], Attachments[1] > Den[1], FF[3] > Much Obliged[3] > Soul Food I[3] > Soul Food II[3], Dr. Feelgood[5] > Push the Pig[5]

Encore: Fame[5]

Coach's Notes:
    [1] With Andy Farag on drums.
    [2] With Andy Farag and Jake Cinninger on drums.
    [3] With Jake Cinninger on drums.
    [4] With Spuds on drums.
    [5] With Adam Deitch on drums.

Show Notes: This show was part of the Suwannee Rising music festival. Kris Myers missed this show due to COVID-19 illness.

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