Goose: June 26, 2020 – Goose Community Rec Center, Fredding, CT, USA

Set 1: Free Space Jam > Get The Funk Out Ma Face[1] > Wim Hof[2] > So Ready, Mini Mall Rap[3] > Switchin'[4], Lead The Way, Electric Avenue[5] > Limbo Jam[6] > Shama Lama Ding Dong[7]

Set 2: No Rain[8], Fish In The Sea[9], Doc Brown > Greg Knight Freestyle Jam[10] > No Drums Jam[11] > Factory Fiction[12], Ten Minute Jam > Twenty Push Ups Jam, Don't Do It[13]

Encore: Rosewood Heart[14]

[1] The Brothers Johnson.
[2] Wim Hof breathing technique, lead by Handini.
[3] Played over the back beat to So Ready jam.
[4] Wes Montgomery.
[5] Eddie Grant.
[6] Members of the band and crowd did the limbo mid-jam.
[7] Otis Day & The Knights.
[8] Blind Melon. With JonL on rain stick.
[9] Fat Freddy's Drop. FTP. Mystery Song #4.
[10] LTP on 2019-09-01 @ Silkfest in Granby, CT.
[11] Spuds and Jeff left the stage while Tweekz, Wiz Kid, and Kurt jammed.
[12] LTP on 2019-10-05 @ Bon & Jon's Wedding in Madison, CT. This was only the fourth time Goose has played FF.
[13] The Band.
[14] Rich told the crowd “Black Lives Matter” at the beginning of the song.